Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Facts about Concentrated Food Flavorings

One of the most exciting parts of mixing your own e-liquid is creating unique and tasty flavors. We know just how important this step is. With the over 147 flavor options we offer, you will never fall short on new flavor experimentation! At RTS Vapes, we offer liquid flavorings by the Flavor Apprentice, a division of Perfumer's Apprentice

Types of Flavors

With 147 flavors, we had to find a way to categorize all these great blends! Below you will find the various categories we offer. In each category, you will find a huge selection of products that will appease the taste buds. We also encourage you to try mixing the flavors to create your own unique blends!
  • Chinese Tobacco Blends
  • Chocolate & Vanilla Flavors
  • Coffee Flavors
  • Fruit & Vegetable Flavors
  • Menthol & Mint Flavors
  • Nutty Flavors
  • Savory Flavors
  • Spices & Floral Flavors
  • Sweet or Sour Flavors
  • Beverage Flavors
  • Tobacco Flavors
  • Tobacco Blends & Extracts



The flavorings we have can be purchased in either the 10 or 30 milliliter glass containers. For the popular flavors like menthol, we do offer some 120 milliliter products. All the products are securely packaged and you will never get an open or spilt container.


Buying Concentrated Food Flavoring

Our prices for liquid flavoring are among the lowest in the industry! Many of our prices are even lower than ones you the prices offered by the manufacturer! Not to mention, when you buy flavor concentrate from RTS Vapes, you qualify for getting 6% store credit on future purchases through our MyRewards program. We also offer free shipping on all orders over $75.



All of the concentrated food flavorings by the Flavor Apprentice are FDA food grade standards and are completely safe for consumption. These flavorings are commonly used in baking, candy-making and cosmetics. While our tobacco blends and extracts don’t meet the FDA food grade standards, they have all been tested for impurities and are completely safe to be used when making e-juice.
E-liquid mixing should not be attempted by those not experienced or trained with using toxic chemicals. While these food flavorings are not toxic and can be consumed, they should be kept in secure, child-safe containers.

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Lab Safety when Mixing Liquid Nicotine

E-liquid home-brewing has gained in popularity and for good reason; it gives you a cheaper and higher quality e-juice. While there are numerous benefits, it can be dangerous. The highest degree of caution need be taken with every step when dealing with these necessary chemicals. It’s important to keep in mind that nicotine is extremely toxic and can be very dangerous when not handled appropriately. In its purest form, nicotine is actually considered poisonous. Brewing of e-liquids should not be attempted by someone who does not have the proper training or experience with toxic chemicals.


Liquid Nicotine & Yourself

When brewing your e-liquid, you must be careful to protect yourself.
✓ Avoid contact on the skin or eyes with liquid nicotine. It's best to use protective clothing, gloves, goggles and gear.
✓ Make sure your clothes do not hang loosely. Loose clothing can lead to accidental contact with the chemicals or knocking over of chemicals.
✓ Fully educate yourself on the chemicals you are using. While there may be a little bit of experimenting with flavoring, do not be over-confident.
✓ Buy chemicals and materials from a reputable retailer you can trust.


Liquid Nicotine & Others

It is your responsibility to ensure no harm comes to others due to your e-liquid mixing. These steps can help make sure others stay safe.
✓ Do not handle liquid nicotine in the presence of a child or animal. Even a drop of it has the potential to kill a small child.
✓ Ensure that your bottles are all properly marked with the substances they contain.
 ✓ Be sure to use child-safety bottles if children may come across the bottles. You may also want to keep all material in a locked cabinet or box.
✓ If a child does come in contact with hazardous material, seek medical attention immediately.
✓ Use eye protection, gloves, a respirator or fume hood and a laboratory coat or apron


Brewing Workspace

✓ Keep your workspace well ventilated to avoid liquid nicotine building in the air.
✓ Clean or dispose of any item that comes in contact with liquid nicotine.
✓ Do not dispose of liquid nicotine in the environment.
✓ Keep materials away from any kind of flame as materials may be flammable.
✓ Make sure you have quick access to running water when mixing in case of emergency.
✓ Use high quality chemistry laboratory glassware that isn’t prone to breaking or cracking under heat or toxicity.
✓ Keep a clean and orderly workspace. You shouldn’t necessarily be afraid of your e-liquid, but it is hugely important that you handle all the chemicals with care. When using RTS Vapes concentrated liquid nicotine: Use eye protection Use gloves Use respirator or fume hood Use laboratory coat or apron  

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